Chicago 317 – Crane Operator Practical Exam Class I & II

Chicago 317 Crane Operator Practical Exam Class I & II

As of June 1, 2022, all new applications and renewals for crane operator licenses must be submitted through the City of Chicago’s Inspections, Permits, and Licensing web portal.

An overview of the crane operator license is available on the City of Chicago Department of Buildings web site.

New Applicants

If you passed the crane operator written examination between June 1, 2021 and June 1, 2022, please contact CTS to request a license record be created for you in the new system. After your license record is created, you may create an online account and claim your license application.

Note: when creating an online account, make sure the name and address you use matches the information on the application you submitted to take the written examination.

You will need to pay a practical exam fee through the portal before you can schedule a practical exam. All fees must be paid through the web portal.

Practical Exam Information

Practical Examinations are held at the A.S.I.P. Local 150 facility in Wilmington, Illinois.

Contact Tom Milianti  A.S.I.P. Local 150 at 815-722-3201 x6040, to schedule a practical examination.

You may bring your own equipment to take the practical test if it meets all safety requirements, including having a current certificate of inspection and valid proof of insurance. The testing agency will have multiple pieces of machinery available for candidates to use for testing and you are not required to bring any equipment. Please make sure to wear all the proper safety gear, as you would on any construction site.

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